iglesia sagrado corazon

Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón

Being in Malaga and visiting a lot of places of interest we recommend you not to miss La Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón which is placed in the Old Town of Malaga. Recently refurbished and repaired, its exterior looks astounding. But what’s inside?

La Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón is a brilliant example of Neo-Gothic pieces of art built in 1920. Here you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The beautiful architecture, design, and stained glass windows remind the visitors of a nice nook of Paris.

The place is never overcrowded by tourists, so it is a good chance to seize the moment and enjoy inner tranquility. In addition, local people say it is the favorite church for many people to get married. That’s why La Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón has a special nickname. All you need is to visit this church with your soul mate and find it out.


pompidou malaga

Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou in Malaga is the first Paris art center situated outside of France and offering a permanent exhibition of over 80 works by famous artists Frida Khalo, Constantin Brancusi, Pablo Picasso, Bacon and Orlan, as well as temporary exhibitions, inviting the visitors to explore the art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Five themes, ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘The Man Without a Face’, ‘Self-portraits’, ‘Body Politic’ and ‘Dismembered Bodies’, are covered during the tour. The building of Centre Pompidou resembles a glass cube and is visible from many places in the town. This attraction surely is the most popular in Malaga.

The interior of the halls is extremely ascetic, due to which the works are perceived more expressively. As a bonus, Centre Pompidou is free every Sunday from 4:00 PM.


Playa de Malagueta

Playa de Malagueta is a popular city beach in the center of Malaga with dark sand. In the high season, the visitors can rent sunbeds, umbrellas and swimming equipment here. Near Playa de Malagueta you can find the prestigious club “Real Club Mediterraneo de Malaga”.

This club is the oldest in Spain. There are also playgrounds, which makes Playa de Malagueta a great place for families with children. From the promenade and the beach, the visitors can watch a colorful fishing port, where fishermen untangle the nets from morning till night.

Playa de Malagueta is separated from the city skyscrapers by a series of tall palm trees. It is very important that this beach is never crowded. Popular among the locals and tourists, Playa de Malagueta is marked by the proximity to Malaga’s historical center with its many attractions and offers opportunities for recreation and sports.


Plaza de la Merced

The best way to get to know Malaga is to stroll its streets, feel its flavor, and see its colorful street life. You can start with the most popular historical square in Malaga – Plaza de la Merced. It is a large 19th-century square, which is also known as Plaza del Mercado (Market Square). The central point of the square is a neoclassical obelisk, erected in memory of General Torrijos and his men’s sacrifice made in honor of the homeland in 1831.

With its cafes, bars and restaurants, the square comes to life especially in the evening, when tourists and locals gather here to enjoy the last rays of the sun and take a stroll. Enjoying a plate of tapas or a coffee on the terrace north of the square, you can admire the bronze statue of Picasso and then visit the birthplace of this genius of painting.

You can sit down at a bar table and enjoy a glass of sherry or Andalusian beer. In addition, you will often be able to attend live music and theater performances; many festivals are also organized in this square. The scene is completed by mimes and living statues, inviting for a souvenir photo with them or showing unique performances.


Plaza de Toros

Are you a fearless tourist looking for excitement? Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta is what you must visit. It is a bullring, situated in the eastern part of Old Town of Malaga, close to the Castillo de Gibralfaro. It is the best place to get the magnificent view of the bullring.

La Malagueta was built in the 19th century under the influence of Arabic architecture. The stadium seats 9,000 people and measures 52 meters in diameter.

There are two main events which are presented for tourists: the Picassiana Bullfight (La Corrida Picassiana) and the August Festival (Feria de Agosto). The Piccasiana Bullfight is closely connected with the brilliant painter, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, who worked there for some years. Visiting the August Festival, you can enjoy the streets decorated with the flowers.

There are a lot of activities for children and seniors: dancing, rhythmic marching with bands and the bullfights.


Jardin Botanico Historico La Concepcion

Jardin Botanico Historico La Concepcion is one of the most beautiful and valuable botanical gardens in Spain with a unique collection of tropical and subtropical plants. The garden is located 5 km from the city of Malaga. From two sides, it is surrounded by mountains.

The territory of Jardin Botanico Historico La Concepcion is 23 hectares, in the center there is a garden of 3 hectares, declared a monument of history and art. The romantic landscape of the garden is decorated with a variety of fountains and waterfalls and different decorative elements. A garden tour helps you fully immerse yourself in the tropical jungle, see unusual flowers, visit the exquisite and elegant alleys.

It also includes a visit to a small museum where you can see Roman mosaics and statues and exhibitions of archeology. Jardin Botanico Historico La Concepcion is rightfully considered the pearl of Malaga.


Alcazaba + Teatro Romano

Some of the very best sights in Malaga are Teatro Romano and La Alcazaba de Málaga. They are located close to one another and create a perfect historical ensemble. The magnificent fortress was built during the Moorish rule and is preserved perfectly well, if to take into account that the first stones were laid in the 8th century! Alcazaba is an impressive complex of three palaces, over 100 towers, and countless courtyards.

Even though it is smaller than its old rival, Alhambra, the Alcazaba citadel boasts an absolutely fascinating interior. It underwent large-scale repair in the 1930s, which, nevertheless, did not spoil its original style.

Teatro Romano de Malaga is even older and offers an acquaintance with Roman culture. Being almost 2,000 years old, the old amphitheater gives a perfect idea how the first theatrical performances looked and sounded, when the venue was packed with viewers. Even now, Teatro Romano sometimes hosts summer performances and rightfully deserves the status of a popular tourist attraction.



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